Saturday, October 11, 2014

Setlist for 10.11.14 with Hannah

Daniel Johnston "Devil Town" from 1990

First Aid Kit "Blue" from The Lion's Roar
She & Him "Change Is Hard" from Volume One
Rilo Kiley "A Man / Me / Then Jim" from More Adventurous
Rilo Kiley "It Just Is" from More Adventurous
Peasant "The Flask" from Bound For Glory

Wake Owl "Vacation" from The Private World Of Paradise
Feist "So Sorry" from The Reminder
Aunt Martha "Bloodshot" from Bloodshot EP
Ivan & Alyosha "Easy To Love" from The Verse, The Chorus
Air Traffic Controller "You Know Me" from NORDO
Pearl and the Beard "Douglas Douglass" from Killing the Darlings
Tyler Lyle "The Golden Age and the Silver Girl" from The Golden Age and the Silver Girl
Bright Eyes "Take It Easy (Love Nothing)" from Digital Ash In A Digital Urn

Swear And Shake "These White Walls" from Maple Ridge
The Lighthouse And The Whaler "Under Mountain, Under Ground" from The Lighthouse And The Whaler
Freelance Whales "Broken Horse" from Weathervanes
Camera Obscura "Break It To You Gently" from Desire Lines

Fiction Family "Avalon" from Fiction Family Reunion

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Setlist for 10.04.14 with Hannah

Daniel Johnston "Devil Town" from 1990

Andrew Jackson Jihad "Fortune Teller" from Rompilation
Defiance, Ohio "Lambs At The Slaughter" from The Great Depression
Courtney Barnett "Out Of The Woodwork" from The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas
The Robot Ate Me "Bad Feelings" from Carousel Waltz
Liz Isenberg "Pineapple In The Treehouse" from Indifferent & Imaginary
Ghost Mice "Oh Me, Oh Me" from Andrew Jackson Jihad & Ghost Mice
Sledding With Tigers "Folk Up The Punx" from Being Nice Is Still Cool
Laura Stevenson and the Cans "Nervous Rex" from A Record
Nana Grizol "Cynicism" from Ruth

The Dodos "Ashley" from Visiter
Waxahatchee "Be Good" from American Weekend
Jaymay "You Are The Only One I Love" from Autumn Fallin'
Mountain Man "White Heron" from Made The Harbor
Okkervil River "Wake And Be Fine" from I Am Very Far
The Mountain Goats "How To Embrace A Swamp Creature" from Heretic Pride
Bowerbirds "Death Wish" from The Clearing

Samantha Crain "Never Going Back" from Kid Face
Folly and the Hunter "Moth In The Porch Light" from Tragic Care
Golden Shoulders "I Will Light You On Fire" from Friendship Is Deep
Keston Cobblers Club "For Words" from One, For Words
Hope For Agoldensummer "Daniel Bloom" from Life Inside The Body
Sweet Baboo "Let's Go Swimming Wild" from Let's Go Swimming Wild
Zoo Animal "Black And Charred" from Departure

Siskiyou "Never Ever Ever Ever Again" from Siskiyou
Paul Baribeau "Strawberry" from Paul Baribeau
The Eastern Sea "A Lie" from Plague
Three Blind Wolves "Hotel" from The Sound Of The Storm
Busman's Holiday "Child Actor" from A Long Goodbye
Courtney Barnett "Avant Gardener" from The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Setlist for 9.27.2014

Daniel Johnston "Deviltown" from 1990

Radical Face "Welcome Home, Son" from Ghost
Sufjan Stevens "Romulus" from Michigan
Daniel Johnston "Story of an Artist" from Welcome to my World
Sarah Jaffe "Clementine" from Suburban Nature
Bird Courage "Your Ex-Lover is Dead" Stars Cover

The Microphones "The Blow Pt.2" from Live in Japan
Jaymay "Never Be Daunted" from Long Walk To Never
Jesse Woods "Hounds of Heaven" from Jesse Woods
The Tallest Man on Earth "Little River" from Sometimes the Blues is Just a Passing Bird
Kate Nash "You're So Cool, I'm So Freaky" from Girl Talk
Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins "Paradise" from Rise Up With Fists!!!
Hey Marseilles "Heart Beats" from Lines We Trace
Chelsea Wolfe "Flatlands" from A Collection of Acoustic Souds 

The Milk Carton Kids "The Milk Carton Kids" from Prologue
Fionn Regan "Put A Penny in the Slot" from The End of History
My Autumn Empire "The People I Love" from The Visitation
Erin Lovett "Light To Read By"
Laura Stevenson "I See Dark" from Daytrotter Sessions
Page France "Give Him a Blanket" from Tomato Morning Tour
Pepper Rabbit "Harvest Moon" from Beauregard

Adam Green "Jessica" from Friends of Mine
Kimya Dawson "Chemistry" from My Cute Friend Sweet Princess
Frankie Cosmos "Duet" from Donutes
Sando Perri "Circles" from Plays Polmo Polpo
Saintseneca "Only The Good Die Young" from Dark Arc
Father John Misty "Only Son of the Ladiesman" from Fear Fun
Luluc "Small Window" from Passerby

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Belle & Sebastian Deviltown on 09.20.14 with Hannah & Marvin

Daniel Johnston "Devil Town" from 1990

All songs by Belle & Sebastian:

12:00-1:00 with Hannah:

"Piazza, New York Catcher" from Dear Catastrophe Waitress
"The State I Am In" from The BBC Sessions
"I Don't Love Anyone" from Tigermilk
"To Be Myself Completely" from The Life Pursuit
"Step Into My Office, Baby" from Dear Catastrophe Waitress
"Come On Sister" from Write About Love

"Sleep The Clock Around" from The BBC Sessions
"Slow Graffiti" from The BBC Sessions
"Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying" from If You're Feeling Sinister
"You Don't Send Me" from Dear Catastrophe Waitress
"I Could Be Dreaming" from The BBC Sessions
"She's Losing It" from Tigermilk
"Like Dylan In The Movies" from The BBC Sessions

1:00-2:00 with Marvin:

"The Boy With The Arab Strap" from The Boy With The Arab Strap
"Me And The Major" from If You're Feeling Sinister
"Photo Jenny" from Lazy Line Painter Jane EP
"Another Sunny Day" from The Life Pursuit
"Storytelling" from Storytelling
"I'm Waking Up To US" from I'm Waking Up To US EP
"Electronic Renaissance" from Tigermilk

"White Collar Boy" from The Life Pursuit
"There's Too Much Love" from Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant
"Manfly" from If You're Feeling Sinister
'You're Just A Baby" from Tigermilk
"Jonathan David" from Jonathan David EP
"Funny Little Frog" from The Life Pursuit
"Belle & Sebastian" from Dog On Wheels EP

Saturday, August 23, 2014

8.23.14 Setlist with Jenine and Hannah

Daniel Johnston “Devil Town” from Welcome To My World

Old Canes "Then Go On" from Early Morning Hymns
Pearl and the Beard "Prodigal Daughter" from Prodigal Daughter EP
Wild Child "Darling Divine" from Pillow Talk
Motopony "Wait for me" from Motopony
Madeline "What Little Girls Do" from B Sides
Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps "Birch Trees and Broken Barns" from Little Wind
Jenny Lewis "The Voyager" from The Voyager

Pearl and the Beard "Prodigal Daughter"  Blue Roses "I Am Leaving" from Blue Roses
Remington Super 60 "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" from Lifting The Covers
Stealing Sheep "Shut Eye" from Into the Diamond Sun
Cœur de Pirate "Les Amours Dévouées" from Blonde
Lazy Heart Parade "TV Romance" from Every Mistake You've Ever Made
Mountain Man "Buffalo" from Made The Harbor
Boy & Bear "Southern Sun" from Harlequin Dream

Broadcast 2000 "Gonna Build A Mountain" from Broadcast 2000
Hannah Peel "Today Is Not So Far Away" from The Broken Wave
King Creosote & Jon Hopkins "Bats In The Attic (Unravelled)" from Honest Words
I Am Oak "On Trees And Birds And Fire" from On Trees And Birds And Fire
Lucy Rose "Lines" from Like I Used To
Whitley "Lost In Time" from The Submarine
Cocos Lovers "Emily" from Gold or Dust
Admiral Fallow "The Paper Trench" from Tree Bursts In Snow

Beirut "The Penalty" from Flying Club Cup
Laura Veirs "I Can See Your Tracks" from July Flame
Alela Diane "The Wind" from Alela Diane & The Wind
Dark Dark Dark "Celebrate" from Wild Go
Nana Grizol "Cynicism" from "Ruth"
Emily Jane White "Time On Your Side" from Dark Undercoat
Y La Bamba "Ponce Pilato" from Court The Storm
Little Joy "The Next Time Around" from Court The Storm
Dresses "Sticks and Stones" from Sun Shy

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Fleeting, Foxy, Folky Deviltown on 08.09.14 with Hannah

Daniel Johnston "Devil Town" from 1990

Everything is by the artist Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes (Self-Titled LP, 2008)

Sun It Rises
White Winter Hymnal
Ragged Wood
Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
Quiet Houses
He Doesn't Know Why
Heard Them Stirring
Your Protector
Blue Ridge Mountains
Oliver James

Sun Giant (EP, 2008)

Sun Giant
Drops In The River
English House
Innocent Son

Helplessness Blues (LP, 2011)

Bedouin Dress
Sim Sala Bim
Battery Kinzie
The Plains/Bitter Dancer
Helplessness Blues
The Cascades
Someone You'd Admire
The Shrine/An Argument
Blue Spotted Tail
Grown Ocean

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Four Folky Babes on 07.26.14 with Hannah

Daniel Johnston "Devil Town" from 1990

Neko Case:
"I'm An Animal" from Middle Cyclone
"Star Witness" from Fox Confessor Brings The Flood
"That Teenage Feeling" from Fox Confessor Brings The Flood
"Deep Red Bells" from Blacklisted
"The Tigers Have Spoken" from The Tigers Have Spoken
"Hold On, Hold On" from Fox Confessor Brings The Flood
"This Tornado Loves You" from Middle Cyclone

Zooey Deschanel (She & Him):
"Turn To White" from Volume Three
"Sentimental Heart" from Volume One
"Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?" from Volume One
"Gonna Get Along Without You Now" from Volume Two
"Me And You" from Volume Two
"Snow Queen" from Volume Three
"Somebody Sweet To Talk To" from Volume Three
"I Should Have Known Better" from Volume One

Sharon Van Etten:
"Serpents" from Tramp
"Peace Signs" from Epic
"Taking Chances" from Are We There
"Don't Do It" from Epic
"One Day" from Epic
"Warsaw" from Tramp
"Consolation Prize" from Because I Was In Love

Jenny Lewis:
"Acid Tongue" from Acid Tongue
"Godspeed" from Acid Tongue
"She's Not Me" from The Voyager
"Rabbit Fur Coat" from Rabbit Fur Coat
"It Wasn't Me" from Rabbit Fur Coat
"The New You" from The Voyager