Saturday, November 22, 2014

Setlist for 11.22.2014 with Jenine and Hannah

Daniel Johnston "Devil Town" from 1990

Saintseneca "Passionate Kisses" from Passionate Kisses
Yellow Ostrich "Mary" from The Mistress
Waxahatchee "Catfish" from American Weekend
Dead Man's Bones "Paper Ships" from Dead Man's Bones
Born Ruffians "Little Garçon" from Red, Yellow & Blue 
OH NO OH MY "I Love You All The Time" from Oh no! Oh my! 
Woods "Cali in a Cup" from Bend Beyond 

 French For Rabbits "The Cats" from Claimed By The Sea EP
Khushi "Magpie" from Magpie
Wilsen "Dusk" from Sirens
Hannah Cohen "Don't Say" from Child Bride
Slow Club "I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream" from Yeah So
The Antlers "Nashua" from Uprooted

Dirty Gold "North" from Roar
Silver Firs "Icarus" from EP #2
Cave Painting "So Calm" from Votive Life
Emmy The Great "Swimming Pool" from Swimming Pool
We Are The Willows "We May Never Grow Old feat. PHOX" from Picture (Portrait)
S "I'm So Bored I'm Going To Sleep" from Puking And Crying
First Aid Kit "Waitress Song" from Stay Gold
The Dodos "Undeclared" from Vister

Headlights "Cherry Tulips" from Some Racing, Some Stopping
Saturday Looks Good To Me "No Good With Secrets" from All Your Summer Songs
Peter Wolf Crier "Crutch & Cane" from Inter-Be
Wintersleep "Weighty Ghost" from Welcome to the Night Sky
Jana Hunter "Babies" from There's No Home
Isbells "My Apologies" from Isbells
Adanowsky "Amor Sin Fin" from Amador
"I'm So Tired"- Laura Stevenson" (Fugazi Cover)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Setlist for 11.15.14 with Hannah

Daniel Johnston "Devil Town" from 1990

Jana Hunter "Palms" from There's No Home
First Aid Kit "Little Moon" from Drunken Trees EP
Josh Rouse "Under Your Charms" from 1972
Regina Spektor "Field Below" from Begin To Hope
Kimya Dawson "It's Been Raining" from Hidden Vagenda
Lulu & The Lampshades "Feet To The Sky" from Feet To The Sky
Sophie Madeleine "Take Your Love With Me - The Ukulele Song" from Love. Life. Ukulele

Jaymay "Brooklyn 3am" from Brooklyn 3am
Seabear "Sailors Blue" from The Ghost That Carried Us Away
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. "Simple Girl" from It's A Corporate World
Born Ruffians "Badonkadonkey" from Red, Yellow & Blue
Avi Buffalo "What's In It For?" from Avi Buffalo
Leftover Cuties "Fidelity" from Departures
She & Him "Time After Time" from Classics

Father John Misty "Bored In The USA" from Bored In The USA
Sharon Van Etten "Your Love Is Killing Me" from Are We There
Little Tybee "Mind Grenade" from For Distant Viewing
Fleet Foxes "He Doesn't Know Why" from Fleet Foxes
The Dodos "So Cold" from Don't Try And Hide It
Foxygen "Coulda Been My Love" from ...And Star Power

Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps "Strong Shoulders" from Little Wind
Kurt Vile "Jesus Fever" from Smoke Ring For My Halo
Little Wings "Under Your Blanket" from Light Green Leaves
Papercuts "Unavailable" from Can't Go Back
Tara Jane O'Neil "The Lull The Going" from Where Shine New Lights
Julie Byrne "Young Wife" from Rooms With Walls and Windows
New Madrid "Juniper" from Yardboat
Camera Obscura "Razzle Dazzle Rose" from Let's Get Out of the Country

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Setlist for 11.8.2014 with Jenine

Daniel Johnston "Devil Town" from 1990

Julie Dorion "Snowfalls in November" from Julie Dorion & Okkervil River
Diane Cluck "Real Good Time" from Monarcana
Sibylle Baier "Forgett" from Colour Green
Vashti Bunyan "Here Before" Lookaftering
Josephine Foster "Little Life" from Little Life
Erin Lovett "Clever Songs" from Erin Lovett
Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins "Acid Tongue" 
Laura Stevenson "Nervous Rex" from Laura Stevenson A Record

Carla Morrison "Eres " from Déjenme Llorar
Laura Marling "Failure" from Alas I Cannot Swim 
The Staves "In The Long Run" from Dead & Born & Grown 
M. Ward, Zooey Deschanel "Rave On" from Bored to Death: The Soundtrack 
Stornoway "Boats and Trains" from Beachcomber's Windowsill 
Bright Eyes & Niva Dinova "I'll Be Your Friend" from One Jug of Wine, Two Vessels
Sin Fang "Young Boys" from Flowers

Michael Cera "Clay Pigeons - Blaze Foley Cover" from True That 
Mount Eerie "You Swan, Go On" from Lost Wisdom 
Best Friends Forever "I Think It Would Be Great" from Grown Zone/Groan Zone
Gregory and the Hawk "Oats We Sow" from In Your Dreams  
Madeline "Bella's Song" from Kissing and Dancing 
Sea of Bees "Willis" from Bee Eee Pee 
Luluc "Without a Face" from Passerby

First Aid Kit "My Silver Lining" from Stay Gold
Woodpigeon "The Alison Yip School for Girls" from Songbook
The Barr Brothers "Even the Darkness Has Arms" from Even the Darkness Has Arms
Page France "Feather" from Hello, Dear Wind  
Communist Daughter "Speed of Sound" from Soundtrack to the End 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Setlist for 11.01.14 with Hannah

Daniel Johnston "Devil Town" from 1990

Johanna Warren "Your Glow" from Fates
Mariee Sioux "Wizard Flurry Home" from Faces In The Rocks
Valerie June "Twined & Twisted" from Pushin' Against A Stone
Tallahassee "Winter Trees" from Jealous Hands
Julie Doiron "The Life Of Dreams" from I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day

Marissa Nadler "Firecrackers" from July
Isobel Campbell "Loving Hannah" from Milkwhite Sheets
Mountain Man "Soft Skin" from Made The Harbor
Tiny Vipers "They Might Follow You" from Tiny Vipers
She Keeps Bees "Feather Lighter" from Eight Houses
Karen Elson "The Ghost Who Walks" from The Ghost Who Walks
Timber Timbre "Do I Have Power" from Creep On Creepin' On
Nina Nastasia "Our Day Trip" from On Leaving

Julia Holter "He's Running Through My Eyes" from Loud City Song
Beauty Feast "The River" from Soft Spot
Calexico "Fortune Teller" from Algiers
Field Report "Decision Day" from Marigolden
Courtney Barnett "Are You Looking After Yourself" from The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas
The Kamikaze Hearts "Beverly Hills" from Seven More Wonders of the World

Mount Moriah "We Don't Need That Much" from Mount Moriah
the bear "I Want" from Overseas Then Under
Sam Quinn "Gun" from The Fake That Sunk A Thousand Ships
The Maldives "I'm Gonna Try" from Muscle For The Wing
Run On Sentence "Albion" from Feelings
Paul Baribeau "Strawberry" from Paul Baribeau
Tristen "Baby Drugs" from Charlatans At The Garden Gate

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Setlist for 10.11.14 with Hannah

Daniel Johnston "Devil Town" from 1990

First Aid Kit "Blue" from The Lion's Roar
She & Him "Change Is Hard" from Volume One
Rilo Kiley "A Man / Me / Then Jim" from More Adventurous
Rilo Kiley "It Just Is" from More Adventurous
Peasant "The Flask" from Bound For Glory

Wake Owl "Vacation" from The Private World Of Paradise
Feist "So Sorry" from The Reminder
Aunt Martha "Bloodshot" from Bloodshot EP
Ivan & Alyosha "Easy To Love" from The Verse, The Chorus
Air Traffic Controller "You Know Me" from NORDO
Pearl and the Beard "Douglas Douglass" from Killing the Darlings
Tyler Lyle "The Golden Age and the Silver Girl" from The Golden Age and the Silver Girl
Bright Eyes "Take It Easy (Love Nothing)" from Digital Ash In A Digital Urn

Swear And Shake "These White Walls" from Maple Ridge
The Lighthouse And The Whaler "Under Mountain, Under Ground" from The Lighthouse And The Whaler
Freelance Whales "Broken Horse" from Weathervanes
Camera Obscura "Break It To You Gently" from Desire Lines

Fiction Family "Avalon" from Fiction Family Reunion

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Setlist for 10.04.14 with Hannah

Daniel Johnston "Devil Town" from 1990

Andrew Jackson Jihad "Fortune Teller" from Rompilation
Defiance, Ohio "Lambs At The Slaughter" from The Great Depression
Courtney Barnett "Out Of The Woodwork" from The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas
The Robot Ate Me "Bad Feelings" from Carousel Waltz
Liz Isenberg "Pineapple In The Treehouse" from Indifferent & Imaginary
Ghost Mice "Oh Me, Oh Me" from Andrew Jackson Jihad & Ghost Mice
Sledding With Tigers "Folk Up The Punx" from Being Nice Is Still Cool
Laura Stevenson and the Cans "Nervous Rex" from A Record
Nana Grizol "Cynicism" from Ruth

The Dodos "Ashley" from Visiter
Waxahatchee "Be Good" from American Weekend
Jaymay "You Are The Only One I Love" from Autumn Fallin'
Mountain Man "White Heron" from Made The Harbor
Okkervil River "Wake And Be Fine" from I Am Very Far
The Mountain Goats "How To Embrace A Swamp Creature" from Heretic Pride
Bowerbirds "Death Wish" from The Clearing

Samantha Crain "Never Going Back" from Kid Face
Folly and the Hunter "Moth In The Porch Light" from Tragic Care
Golden Shoulders "I Will Light You On Fire" from Friendship Is Deep
Keston Cobblers Club "For Words" from One, For Words
Hope For Agoldensummer "Daniel Bloom" from Life Inside The Body
Sweet Baboo "Let's Go Swimming Wild" from Let's Go Swimming Wild
Zoo Animal "Black And Charred" from Departure

Siskiyou "Never Ever Ever Ever Again" from Siskiyou
Paul Baribeau "Strawberry" from Paul Baribeau
The Eastern Sea "A Lie" from Plague
Three Blind Wolves "Hotel" from The Sound Of The Storm
Busman's Holiday "Child Actor" from A Long Goodbye
Courtney Barnett "Avant Gardener" from The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Setlist for 9.27.2014

Daniel Johnston "Deviltown" from 1990

Radical Face "Welcome Home, Son" from Ghost
Sufjan Stevens "Romulus" from Michigan
Daniel Johnston "Story of an Artist" from Welcome to my World
Sarah Jaffe "Clementine" from Suburban Nature
Bird Courage "Your Ex-Lover is Dead" Stars Cover

The Microphones "The Blow Pt.2" from Live in Japan
Jaymay "Never Be Daunted" from Long Walk To Never
Jesse Woods "Hounds of Heaven" from Jesse Woods
The Tallest Man on Earth "Little River" from Sometimes the Blues is Just a Passing Bird
Kate Nash "You're So Cool, I'm So Freaky" from Girl Talk
Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins "Paradise" from Rise Up With Fists!!!
Hey Marseilles "Heart Beats" from Lines We Trace
Chelsea Wolfe "Flatlands" from A Collection of Acoustic Souds 

The Milk Carton Kids "The Milk Carton Kids" from Prologue
Fionn Regan "Put A Penny in the Slot" from The End of History
My Autumn Empire "The People I Love" from The Visitation
Erin Lovett "Light To Read By"
Laura Stevenson "I See Dark" from Daytrotter Sessions
Page France "Give Him a Blanket" from Tomato Morning Tour
Pepper Rabbit "Harvest Moon" from Beauregard

Adam Green "Jessica" from Friends of Mine
Kimya Dawson "Chemistry" from My Cute Friend Sweet Princess
Frankie Cosmos "Duet" from Donutes
Sando Perri "Circles" from Plays Polmo Polpo
Saintseneca "Only The Good Die Young" from Dark Arc
Father John Misty "Only Son of the Ladiesman" from Fear Fun
Luluc "Small Window" from Passerby